Lollipop Floor Stand

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Product Description

Designed for Lollipop Camera
You can get an excellent camera angle for advanced Lollipop Care features like Breathing Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Snap Cute, and more. In addition to attaching the monitor to the crib, on the wall mount, or stand on the dresser. Now you may also place your Lollipop Baby Monitor on the floor stand.

Unique Design
The branch head is made of quality silicone material to securely hold the monitor. With 5 feet tall floor stand, this allows you to watch over your baby at a top-view angle. The silicone end is flexible so you to choose your viewing angle. It helps the monitor to keep a close watch on the baby's breathing, track their sleep, make memorable photos, and more.

Excellent Stability
The 120-degree heavy steel floor stand for the Lollipop monitor ensures a stable base that prevents the stand from tipping over.

Minimalist Design
The floor stand is designed with decent minimalism making it ideal for home use. Ideal to use anywhere in your nursing room, kids' room, playroom, or any space you desire.

Toolless Quick Assemble
No drilling, or any other tools to assemble.

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